Erich Bergen talks Madam Secretary, Producing + Much More

We’re excited to share our exclusive In Crowd interview with Erich Bergen, a star of Madam Secretary, Jersey Boys, and Waitress on Broadway, among many other credits. Since the onset of the pandemic, he’s also become one of the most sought-after behind-the-scenes virtual event producers. 

Diagonal Media has worked with Erich on countless live virtual events over the last year. The events raised millions of dollars for dozens of nonprofits and helped set the standard for virtual entertainment. We’ve gotten to know Erich pretty well but we were surprised to learn during our In Crowd interview that he’s always loved “putting on a show”. 

“My obsession has always been, how do I make a room full of people all feel the same thing at once.”

We started our In Crowd series to highlight successful people in the TV, film, and media industries and to ask them how they’ve done it. Erich fits that description to a T. He has already fulfilled big-time goals that so many performers strive for – acting in a national theatre tour, acting in a major motion picture, acting on Broadway, being a star on a CBS Sunday night anchor show. We chatted about all of this and how he got going in the entertainment industry. We wanted to know, what was instrumental to Erich’s success as a performer and creator? 

If you want to hear more about how to make your dream career in the arts happen, this episode is a must-watch. 

You’ll learn: 

  • How to nail that audition or job interview and have the best shot at booking that next gig. 
  • How Erich Bergen got in the door at a young age in NYC without those parental ‘industry connections’. 
  • The importance of having a mentor early on. 
  • How a ‘cold room’ during an audition can actually lead to a big booking. 
  • The details on how Erich dealt with a cancer diagnosis and decided to start speaking out about it. 
  • How it felt to be part of a coming-out story as a bisexual character in a network television show.  
  • Why virtual galas are more effective at re-engaging nonprofit donors on a deeper level than the old form in-person galas. 

Watch this episode, then let us know what part of Erich’s story speaks to you the most!