Listening with Intent Makes Your Content Intentional

The most valuable skill you can have as a content creator is the ability to listen. Everyone wants their message to reach other people, to be heard. What will always set you apart as a creator or a brand is your ability and willingness to listen with intention instead. 

Listening gets mistaken for a passive activity – it’s actually a very active process that requires synthesizing multiple streams of information and then making a creative, strategic, organizational, or personal decision.  

Think about how you listen to your own basic instincts every day. “I’ll get out of bed, I’ll eat something when I’m hungry, I need caffeine, time to walk the dog.” When we listen to our own internal vibrations and instincts then we know what we need to do to feel better, to move. Acting on that knowledge, step by step, transitions us into a place where momentum takes over.

“The rhythm of daily action aligned with your goals creates the momentum that separates dreamers from super-achievers.” – Darren Hardy, Success Mentor + Keynote Speaker

Bringing it back to post-production, when we’re editing we have to take the step of listening to the assets the client has provided with the goal of creating something impactful. Listening not just with our ears, but listening with our eyes, and listening as an ethos.

Once we absorb all of the assets at hand then we’ll know what we have to create with. If you skip that process, you may miss vital details that elevate the final product, and consequently feel stuck and unsure how to move forward. When you’re editing a video together, listening inspires action which then creates momentum and makes the whole post-production process more stimulating.   

Many times during a brainstorming session, the most impactful person in the room is the person that has listened and then shares the last word. They’re often not the loudest person in the room, they are ingesting and digesting and then they’re coming back and saying, ‘I actually think this is what we should do’, and then they blow everybody away. 

When you’re in the space of being open to receiving, only then are you able to give and truly reach other people. 

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