Our CEO Interviewed by the Next Generation

We love supporting young creators! It’s exciting to see them take the leap into developing their own content.

Our CEO Blake Drummond recently joined Sophia, a high school student from his hometown, for an interview. They talked about his journey getting started in the entertainment industry.

Sophia is also a young filmmaker and we have a feeling you’re going to be seeing more of her work soon. To take a look at her awesome interview skills and learn a little more about our CEO, watch the video below.


Blake talks with Sophia about how one of the most important aspects of developing a career in the film industry is the connections you make with people along the way.

So, are you a member of the filmmaking industry in NYC? Looking for more ways to meet and connect within the community? Awesome.  Blake started a Facebook group years ago,  NYC TV & FILM PRODUCTION COMMUNITY and it’s now 24,000+ members strong.

Come on over and join us there! Start a genuine conversation with someone, you never know, it could lead to more work down the line.

Now more than ever we need to build a strong virtual community.

x Team DGNL