When Video Production Meets Democracy

We recently worked on RepresentUs’ gala to Save the Vote, a groundbreaking virtual gala to preserve the 2020 election.

We always love to help tell our client’s stories. This time it was also an honor to also help impact the state of our Democracy. 300,000 people tuned in to watch United To Save the Vote and they successfully raised over $2.1M for VoteSafe.

VoteSafe, a cross-partisan coalition chaired by former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge (R-PA) and former Governor Jennifer Granholm (D-MI), is on a mission to protect this year’s election from the challenges of COVID-19.

It was a truly powerful night. You can watch the whole thing but definitely check out this short clip from the night where Broadway star Eric Bergen sings to save the USPS. This year our Democracy depends on our ability to vote by mail.


And hey, are you registered to vote yet?
October 9th is the deadline to register.

x Team DGNL