We’re Investing in Branded Content

Here at Diagonal, we love content. Every Wednesday, we celebrate our mornings with “What Inspires You Wednesday,” a time to learn more about what inspires our team and how we can bring that inspiration into our work. 

One thing we know to be true, some of the most inspiring videos to come out of the past decade are – wait for it – commercials. 

We know, a creative agency that loves commercials – shocking!

But hear us out, commercials have proven time and time again that stories that resonate can make or break brands. No matter the brand, the story is what’s important. I mean a Budweiser commercial made us cry for Pete’s sake. 

Commercials have evolved into an incredible content spectrum. From the quirky comedic campaigns of insurance companies, to the cinematic and emotional snippets of life, like Apple Music’s Run this Town, commercials let you know what a brand is all about. When it comes to commercials, to make your brand stand out, you need to authentically push the envelope.

Diagonal Media is very excited to introduce our Branded Content team, led by Leslie Cunningham and Alex Tragellis. 

DGNL Branded Content Team

“We’re excited to make content that makes people want to move. Not, like, physically move to a new state or anything, but move towards the right brands. When people love a brand they feel a connection to it, they feel seen. We want to craft a story that captures the heart of a brand, resonates with their current audience, and makes new customers stop, stare, and make money moves.”

“At this point in our story, we’re growing quickly and ready to level up. I’m super excited to tell stories that not only stimulate growth for brands but also create meaningful connections for people. Advertising with a purpose more profound than profit. (But also profit.)”

This year we are investing even more in commercial content, allowing us to grow as creatives and offer these valuable services to our outstanding clients. We have three full-time directors on our team and so far this year we have filmed four spec commercials for brands we love.

If you have a commercial or piece of branded content you want to get off the ground, we’d love to hear about it. Reach out here and let’s make something sure to get their attention!