We started The In Crowd to interview media industry veterans about their career paths. We want to answer the question, what does it take to be a part of the in-crowd? 

 On our latest episode, our CEO Blake Drummond sat down with Andrew Saxe, a Line Producer in the film and television industry for many years. They talked about his journey to becoming so well-established in the entertainment industry. 

We covered a lot but here are some of the juiciest reveals…  

  • The key to reliably getting hired/promoted to new jobs in the entertainment world.
  • How he decides who he’ll hire on set.
  • Taking us behind-the-scenes on the epic nature of being a location manager for War of the Worlds (starring Tom Cruise).

It’s a fascinating conversation that explores an area of the film and television business that we don’t see featured on late-night talk shows. And why the heck not?

Check it out! And drop a comment to let us know what you learned. Anything particularly surprising? 

x Team DGNL