DGNL Media’s Top Five Content Services

How are you branding your business, your project – and yourself?

It’s easier said than done, but sometimes in order for you to see what your mind is trying to tell you, you have to get out of your own head.

The best way to do that: get with a content company that will sit down with you and hear your story, ask you the right questions, and navigate you toward your goal. The answer is there all along, of course. You’ll be surprised at how the soul-searching experience can be productive, enriching and even surprising.

DGNL Media founder Blake Drummond is also a musician; he hears (and feels) a rhythm to life – and he likes to work to it. He believes that all the content DGNL creates for a client has to match the rhythm of the client’s brand. Seeing (and believing) The Big Picture involves more than just vision – it demands listening as well.

Our New-York-based content creation company offers five ways that you can get to the heart of your message so that you can best communicate your brand:

Video Production: soup to nuts: creative concept, execution and delivery. This includes the industry’s latest innovation: 360° video. See an example here and imagine how it can work for you.

Graphic design: logos, web graphics, photography, social media banners and memes, animation and motion graphics — even business cards.

Social media brand awareness: let us help you create and execute a strategy for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and any other social media platform that is relevant to your goals.

Website and blog copy: what’s your story? Your website and blog should be your narrative – your platform and sounding board for who you are, what you do – and what you believe. We can help you communicate this message in your voice, always with your objectives in mind.

Realizing your vision: you may have some additional goals for your business or projects that need a little more thought, finesse and fine-tuning. We’ll use our 15+ years of media experience – and tap our network of New York City’s TV/Film/Production community – to make your vision a clear message that gets you results.

We are always striving to march to the beat of a client’s drum.
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