Should I (or my business) have a Blog?

As someone who’s been building websites and blogs for fifteen years, “Should I have a blog?” is one of the most common questions I get. My immediate response is “No.”

Why? Because if you have to ask…

The Internet is flooded with blogs, some great, most not. The possibility of having a blog is usually spawned by the vague notion that the “idea” of the word blog sounds smart and seems easy. You set it up, write a few posts, and you (or your business) are quickly on the way to fame and success. The painful truth is that successful blogs that are actually worth reading are very difficult to pull off, even for good writers.

When new bloggers start to realize that producing a good blog is actual work that requires real skill, unyielding passion and militaristic discipline, the enthusiasm wanes and the “idea” of the blog just doesn’t seem as sexy as it used to. The other tragedy is the “We’ll just have someone in our office or one of our interns write it” model of blogging, which risks putting readers to sleep with flat, uninspired, grammatically reductive drivel. Soon enough, the web will collect another abandoned blog in the growing digital junkyard of ditched efforts. We don’t need another one.

Instead of “Should I have a blog?” the better question is “I think I have a unique and interesting point of view about this. There is so much I want to say I could explode. I love to write, and I’m just dying to get it out. Can you help me?” Yes!

I find it truly thrilling when a client takes to blogging like a duck to water. Seeing their blogs thrive with insightful, thoughtful, fun and interesting content in their respective areas is wonderful to witness. But it’s rare. I wish I saw more of it.

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