How to Prep for the Year-End Town Hall 

Now is the time to start preparing for your year-end town hall. Yes while the sun is shining and the beach is calling, ask yourself: 

What accomplishments have you already achieved? 

Where do you want to be at the end of the year? 

What about your current answers or clarity on the situation would you want to change or improve on before December’s Town Hall? 

We have helped produce many year-end Town Halls for numerous clients. They involve a lot of moving pieces including video production with both prerecorded segments and live filming for hybrid virtual / in person town halls.

Here are some of our tips on how to make sure your event is successful. 

The Basic Anatomy of a Town Hall: 

  • Touch on the state of the world 
  • Review the company’s insight about how to adapt / enhance / grow in light of the state of the world 
  • Reflect on how the team executed the company’s vision 
  • Celebrate the results of everyone’s excellent work 

How to Prep for the Year-End Town Hall

The sooner you prepare the easier and more enjoyable the whole process will be. 

  • Keep a record of your business wins with any relevant supporting assets  
  • Track new initiatives launched and any accompanying stats 
  • Gather photos of your team
  • Record your team ideating or getting together 
  • Brainstorm user generated content ideas to show off your team in a fun way at the Town Hall 
  • Pro Tip: Incorporate collecting assets year-round so that it’s not a scramble come year end. 
  • Reach out to DGNL to start ideation on your Town Hall video content at least a month before your scheduled event.

If you had the best year of your company’s history but you’re not collecting proof of that then it becomes a missed opportunity to celebrate and analyze what worked so well. 

Plus recognizing good work is an incredible motivator to the team. 

How to Keep Your Town Hall Interesting

A couple of tips to keep your team engaged and invested during the Town Hall…

  • Don’t just feature leadership during the town hall – invite other members of the team from all different departments to speak. 
  • Include younger diverse voices in the conversation. 
  • If you’re presenting, do it in an engaging and connected way. No one wants to feel like they’re back in middle school being lectured by the principal. 
  • Incorporate some kind of interactive portion of the Town Hall that gets both remote and in-person attendees involved. 

Feeling overwhelmed? Reach out to us anytime, from now till December, to help you construct the Town Hall of your dreams. 

x Team DGNL