Keep your team inspired & connected with video

We’re living in a fast-paced and largely virtual world and it is more important than ever for companies to highlight interconnection. 

Breaking down silos, prioritizing collaboration, and ensuring employees have a holistic understanding of how the company operates can enhance efficiency, productivity, and overall success.

We’ve been successful in helping our clients, from Fortune 500 companies to local nonprofits, achieve those goals through engaging video content. We can help you too!

Boost interconnectivity with these 5 engaging content ideas. 

Case Study Videos
Top-Level insight doesn’t have to be boring. Case studies shine a light on successful initiatives and projects within the company. Highlighting how individual efforts lead to overall success is an incredible motivator. 

They are also an essential tool in your awards submission kit. We have created 100s of case study videos! 

Hybrid Virtual Town Halls
Maximize real-time company updates for remote-friendly workplaces. Read more about our process here.

Panel Discussions
Encourage the expression of diverse perspectives and timely conversations with curated panel discussions. Bring in a high level guest expert to add buzz and encourage participation. 

Allow employees to share their positive experiences of working together, as a way to strengthen interpersonal relationships and recruit new talent. Highlight successful collaborations and teamwork.  

Employee Spotlights
Highlight different employees for their brilliant work, their diverse backgrounds, and their unique talents and abilities. 

Email us (don’t wait, do it now) to turn that 30-paragraph presentation you’re prepping into a captivating video instead. 

We believe you can create a workplace where employees feel valued, heard, and empowered to make a meaningful impact.

It starts with paying attention to how important information is communicated. We’re ready to help you set the style, tone, and visual impact that will move the needle for your team.  

x Team DGNL