Content is Connection – How Video Can Save Company Culture

Hybrid work life is here to stay. ‘Company culture’ needs to keep up with the times – and be accessible for remote and in-person workers alike. 

We work with several large organizations with offices spread across the globe, and they’ve been grappling with this new reality. We’ve been seeing an increase in requests to do live events in a way that includes everyone no matter where they are. 

As a result, we’ve created a model for hybrid-virtual LIVE events to incorporate pre-recorded video and in-person engagement. 

Our Hybrid Live Event Model for Town Halls, B2B Pitch Meetings, or Panel Discussions:


  • The Diagonal Media team will have a kickoff call with your senior stakeholders and we will determine the best route to take to actualize your vision for your event. 
  • We then help conceptualize, ideate and write an immersive and engaging script for videos specific to the location, brand, or topic.  
  • Our team will mobilize crews wherever they’re needed to help produce content if any original media needs to be generated.
  • We edit all the content together within days and have a streamlined collaborative feedback process for notes.  

Live Event Set Up, Testing, Rehearsal, and Launch

  • We’ll do a tech scout from the location so we can make sure our teams are successful no matter where they’re broadcasting from. 
  • We turn your office into a veritable TV studio – cameras, lights, sound, streaming gear, and always professional, vetted crew.
  • Once all the tech is in place we rehearse with the team to ensure all kinks in the presentation are ironed out.
  • We also set up a livestream of the event to be broadcast to your national and global audience. 
  • We patch in remote team members to seamlessly join the in-person presenters – we’re fully hybrid! 
  • And of course, we film the whole event for archival + marketing purposes.

The format creates a sense of renewed community and company culture. 

This is just one example, and it’s not feasible for everyone to do this but you can adapt this model to any budget. 

Each piece of video content we create is with the goal of keeping people connected. Video is uniquely positioned to do that.

Other video content ideas to stay connected:

  • Sizzle videos showcasing the awesome work the team has been doing.
  • Testimonial videos highlighting different employees and what they do. 
  • Thought Leadership Pieces place your company at the forefront of your industry and authenticate your c-suite members as experts in their field.

Content is connection. 

There’s nothing more important than your company culture and making sure every individual, whether they’re in the office or anywhere in the world, feels included and like they are all working toward a common goal.

Reach out for a quick chat with an Executive Producer on our team so we can help you reimagine your company culture for NOW and for the future.