Jumpstart Your 2023 Content Plan

How are you thinking about your content strategy?

With the New Year just arrived, we want to remind you that you can start planning for your year-end sizzle in January. 

By collecting assets and social proof of your accomplishments throughout the year you’ll be able to show your employees, partners, clients, and potential clients all the progress you’ve made!

Q1 – The first quarter of the New Year is all about making a content plan and sticking to it. What do you want to accomplish each month? 

Start mapping out the content you know is coming down the pipeline – things to think about:

  • Company initiatives that deserve recognition – are you bringing in an amazing guest speaker or hosting a training? Make a sizzle or get high-quality photography of the event for your social channels
  • Federal Holidays and Social calendar highlights – National dog day? Bring your daughter to work day? Fun posts around these moments can build a stronger culture by putting your people front and center.
  • Awards show submissions – prepare for your best campaigns to get the recognition they deserve
  • Talent appreciation, promotions, and new hires – Explainers and introduction videos can help kickstart new roles and expand opportunities.
  • Plan who on your team will be responsible for tracking and aggregating the content.

Q2 – As your new client campaigns launch, make sure someone on your team is in charge of gathering assets.

You’ll want to have these assets at the ready when creating award show submission videos:

  • Evidence of earned media – screenshots of social media buzz around the campaign, positive mentions, and reviews in the press.
  • Relevant performance metrics – how did the campaign perform, and where are you tracking this information? 

Q3 – It’s summertime, and things get slow, but that’s the time to hit your clients with more messaging and more content because no one else is. 

How can you ramp up your communication? 

  • Release a fresh new explainer video describing what you uniquely offer your clients
  • Launch a fun social media post challenge – this is a great way to promote social and email growth – be sure to use a branded hashtag 

Q4 – Start discussing what your year-end videos are going to look like in October. 

How are you going to show your entire organization that the year has been an incredible one?

  • Highlight big company wins, campaigns that made a memorable impact, and praise the company has received.
  • Feature dynamic employees – Their accomplishments, contributions, and overall attitude are all fair game.
  • Brainstorm early – how can the video and messaging be the most impactful?

Diagonal Media is here to support you in a creative way. Whether you need content production, animation design, or creative ideation for events and live streams. 

Get started planning your content early in 2023. 

Our team is here for you.