How Live Streaming Works

Hopefully, you’re reading this article because you’ve realized that live streaming is a must. It’s the most effective form of video content if your ultimate goal is peak audience engagement. And that should be everyone’s goal.

Engagement on a live stream is much higher than with a pre-recorded piece of content. 

More than 1 in 5 Facebook videos are Live and are watched 3X longer than pre-recorded videos. There are several more impressive facts about Live streaming where that came from. 

But how does live streaming work?

  • Choose whether you’ll host your live stream publicly on social media, or privately for only a select group of people.
  • Conduct an informal (or formal) survey and see what questions your audience is burning to ask.
  • Base the content of your live stream on what your audience actually wants to hear. Too often agendas are set top down, when the reverse leads to better and more engaged outcomes.
  • Switch up the people that appear on recurring live streams. It should not always be just the executive leadership team.

How can Diagonal Media help make my Live streaming experience as simple and professional as possible? 

  • We’re your creative partners equipped to help you ideate and produce an impactful live streamed show. Here’s a little bit more about our process.
  • We can put together a full multi-camera production anywhere in the world with our portable studio – lights, cameras, sound, and live streaming equipment.
  • Get set up to stream from your actual office for a fraction of the price of buying your own internal gear or renting a studio.
  • Higher production value for your live stream – making it an asset that can live on and be repurposed. 

When is the best time to live stream?

We highly recommend that you live broadcast at a time that suits multiple time zones.

  • If you’re in London for instance, you can broadcast at 4PM and it will be 11AM in NY and 8AM in LA. 

Can live streams be recorded?

Yes! We record your live stream as it’s happening. However, authenticity shines through in a live stream that is not rehearsed and not pre-recorded. 

Authenticity is Key

Live streaming invites authenticity. It offers a unique opportunity for interactivity that allows you to build shared experiences with your community. 

Be willing to take those hard-pressed questions in front of a live audience. Don’t be afraid because that shows that you’re closed – and really what are you afraid of? Dive in.

We’re here to help you,

Reach out anytime.