Making Shareable Content that Matters

There is one thing you absolutely need to do before you hire a creative agency or video production company to make content for you.

It’s so simple and elementary when you look at it from a creative standpoint, and yet we’ve seen so many videos released in the world with one element missing, and it shows.

You must know your story.
What is the point? What’s your message? Why should people care?

Without this clarity, your content will not have maximal impact.

Bottom line, you’re the expert on your brand, and you want to possess a distilled version of your vision. You’ve got to get it, or no one else will.

Crystalize your message and find the salient point. Once you know what you want to say, and have outlined a preliminary script, you’re ready to begin a creative partnership with an outside agency.

When Diagonal Media begins a collaboration with a client, we take over the scripting process, punch it up, and generate new ideas in line with the overall goal of the video. The hard work you’ve put into distilling your message ahead of time comes in handy here and will ensure this process happens swiftly and efficiently.

It’s also a great idea to come to a planning meeting with references of content that inspires you.

We don’t live in a vacuum, neither does your audience. Whatever kind of video you want to make – it’s been done before. What excites you? What do you find amusing, fun, entertaining? Emotion is the way to connect to your intended audience whether that be your consumers, employees, or potential clients. What chord do you want to strike?

Diagonal Media has edited thousands of videos, and we pride ourselves on being a creative partner and consultant to our clients. Our goal is to tell your story in a compelling way while humanizing the people on the other side of the lens.

The one other piece of advice we’ll give is to come prepared with an idea but be flexible and ready to throw it away.

A big part of the collaborative process is being willing to leave a great idea on the cutting room floor if it’s not in service of your core message and goal. Here we are, back at the heart of what makes a video sing. What’s your story and what’s the intended impact of the content we are creating together?

We know there’s an audience just waiting to hear from you. Let’s work together and bring your message to life.