Video Production from Home Got You Down? Here’s How to Make it Work

How to look and sound your best when working from home – create an HD broadcast studio in your living room.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve been producing a lot of content where everyday people with no video production experience have to be their own production crew. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and the new norm for remote work, companies are relying on their people to show up camera-ready for all sorts of video marketing shoots.

Whether you’re filming yourself for a virtual panel or being invited to be a guest at a town hall for your agency, you are now being asked to make that video look the best it can. You have to be your own lighting and sound director, stylist, director of photography, and set designer. You’re all of this and you’re the talent. That’s really hard, but it doesn’t have to be!

The most important thing is to make sure your production setup isn’t a barrier to your success in any conversation you’re having.

People perceive you the way that you present yourself on camera. If it looks like you have low-quality equipment or people can’t see you clearly because of bad lighting, you’re sending a message to yourself, and to your clients or your customers, that you are okay settling for less.

Just imagine you’re going to a business meeting or panel in person – you’d arrive dressed nicely and you’d make sure you look good. It’s the same thing when you’re showing up on video from home! Whether it’s recording a video or going to a meeting, make sure you’re presenting the best version of yourself.

Plus, the more prepared you are, the better you’re going to execute your key strategic goals.

How do you get prepared? Go through a quick checklist!

  • Get yourself nice front-facing soft lighting – don’t be backlit.
  • Find your webcam and practice looking at it while speaking.
  • Make sure your notifications on your phone and computer are turned off.
  • Look at the framing of your camera – what can you see in the background? Remove that SpongeBob pillow your kid left on the counter – or don’t if you don’t mind people seeing it. Up to you!

Make sure what people are hearing and seeing is the result of a specific choice you’ve made for how you want to appear.

In today’s world, everybody is a content creator. You must learn to think like a vlogger. Many of the best content creators in the world are using their own at-home setups.

The bottom line is it’s about caring! When you care, it actually does come through.

Are you thinking, this sounds great but I don’t know where to start!? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Reach out for a free consultation on how we can help you and your team show up on video in the same stellar way you show up for your clients every day.