The Brief: Accessibility + Inclusion with Christina Curry

The Brief is back! It’s our virtual “talk show” where we chat with experts in their respective fields. In this episode, we interviewed Christina Curry, the Executive Director of the Harlem Independent Living Center (HILC). Christina talked with us about her work removing barriers, both physical and attitudinal, within the community so that those who are disabled can function independently. 

Christina is a changemaker – her level of expertise around accessibility is unparalleled. If you want to hear about how you can make your workplace and community more accessible this episode is a must-watch. 

We cover a lot in this episode:

  • How to navigate accessibility conversations more effectively as an organization 
  • How to make your content and office space more accessible 
  • Accessibility terminology from an expert in the field 

Since we started working with Christina and HILC, one change we’re making is captioning as many videos as possible. And you know what? It helps everyone to have captions on videos, not only the deaf or hard of hearing. 

What steps can you take to make your workplace or community more accessible? 

Pop a comment below with your thoughts. 

Talk soon!