What TV shows and movies are we watching right now?

During this time of quarantine, the Diagonal Media team finds comfort in TV and film. We hope to kindly propel some of that comfort forward to you, so please practice social distancing responsibly, and enjoy the latest TV and movie recommendations from our crew.

Here’s some of the content that we’re currently watching…

*Spoilers below*

Gabe – I’m currently watching Elite on Netflix, it’s a Spanish soap opera surrounding a group of elite, private school friends in Spain. Season 3 premiered last week, and I’m a really big fan of the show. The plot is very dramatic and everything is shot really beautifully. If you are not a big fan of soap operas and always wanted to *get* them, Elite is a good bridge for such a journey.

Sydney – With all the free time I have these days, I’ve been rewatching How To Get Away With Murder as a refresher for the final episodes that will air soon. I’m constantly impressed by the easy-to-follow storytelling despite its non-linear narrative, and the show’s complex characters. As a big fan of crime TV, I still find myself surprised by the plot twists – even on my third rewatch.

Adam – I’ve been watching Dave, on Hulu. It’s interesting to see how Dave, also known as professional rapper Lil Dicky, navigates and explores his passion as an (unconventional) music artist. Being a musician myself, just listening to artists expand genres in new ways is one of my favorite things to experience. To be able to watch a show dedicated entirely to that has been a blast!

Garrett – I just finished watching Bojack Horseman and loved it! Bojack is an anti-hero that I love to watch; it had lots of animal puns, good music, and also dark humor.

Pete Davidson is having a moment right now with his standup on Netflix and the movie Big Time Adolescence on Hulu. They’re both filled with raw humor that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

When I’m looking for new things to watch I check out my friend Ben’s Can I Be Reel Instagram page for hot takes on what’s watchable on all of the streaming platforms!

My wife and I are enjoying American Idol. Don’t tell anyone.

Blake & Dan – We watch everything together… for the most part we agree on what to watch – every once in a while though, you can catch Dan or Blake staring at their phones instead of paying attention to what’s happening on the big screen.  That is usually a sign of “yawn factor” – but hey, it’s 2020 and we can multitask, so what are we watching?

LOTS of HBO, they are definitely the masters of quality over quantity – we loved The Outsider – the adaptation of Stephen King’s novel was simultaneously thrilling, unsettling, and innovative with incredible performances from the entire cast. Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10 is absolutely hysterical, Larry David and the writers are still finding seemingly banal moments to mime for endless laughs.

Netflix has a few sleeper hits when you sift through the endless stream – for an absolute raucous and oft nonsensical romp, check out former Wet Hot and The State members’ Medical Police – you’ll laugh out loud at least once per 22-minute episode, and very digestible. We also watched the thriller, Last Ferry, about a gay man who witnesses a murder on Fire Island, definitely innovative for the LGBTQ narrative feature genre.

On Hulu we have really loved Ramyit’s poignant, funny, and ground-breaking.

Alex – Sherlock with Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch & Marty Freeman is incredible. Each episode is like a mini-movie and somehow manages to retain its unpredictability. A wonderful modern update on the master of deduction and his trusted doctor sidekick. I’ve also been watching Curb Your Enthusiasm and enjoying Larry being Larry.  Also, I watched this show Vikings on Prime Video. It’s not great but pretty good. It’s more than just a ridiculous amount of battles, and I mean a ridiculous amount. The more interesting aspect is the overarching narrative with the constant threat of political coups, in-depth religious debates, and a dash of historical accuracy. It’s just satisfying enough to fill the Game of Thrones void.

Jonah – Blood Simple – The first feature film from the Coen Brothers is a nice precursor to the legendary career that follows.

Only God Forgives – This movie is brutal to sit through. Widely panned by critics and I can understand why, but after sitting with it for a few days, I’ve come to appreciate Nicolas Winding Refn’s bold and unrelenting approach. One thing I really loved about the film was the very stylish, Neo-Noir cinematography.

LOTR Return of the King – There are many different aspects of a good film – story, cinematography, music, production design, costumes, etc… These components separate good films from the unassailable masterpieces. The LOTR trilogy as a whole is the culmination of what movies are supposed to be. An expansive, immersive, epic look into a fantasy world. Return of the King is the final act of one of the greatest stories ever told. This is a perfect film.

Big Brother – I’m the one that makes fun of reality TV. Every time I walk into my girlfriend’s apartment and see someone crying in some confessional room I roll my eyes. Naturally, I was hesitant to jump into Season 15 of Big Brother. After three days, 36 episodes, and a sore throat from screaming at the TV because Elissa had to evict Aaryn after Amanda blindsided Helen by winning the power of veto to keep her showmance power alliance going with Mcrae, I’m not ashamed to say, I’m a fan.

Britt – I’m currently watching a series called Carnival Row, on Amazon. The show is about mythological creatures struggling to coexist with humans. Although this is a show that by description should captivate me… it hasn’t and I can only justify Orlando Bloom’s good looks for so long.

Speaking of captivating, I watched Drive on Netflix last night and I’m in love with this film and now with Ryan Gosling. Gosling plays a Hollywood stuntman by day, then by night is a getaway driver for criminals. The score, color grading, and use of lighting are some of the standout aesthetics that I appreciate most. I don’t normally gravitate towards action movies, but this film has a cool factor that separates itself from the genre.

Feel free to reach out with any comments or personal recommendations! We appreciate the thoughtful dialogue. Stay safe everyone!