DGNL at Urbanworld Film Festival

We’ve been hard at work filming and editing Urbanworld Film Festival‘s Spotlight content all week! They’re showcasing some absolutely incredible stuff. The festival runs through this weekend, and you can get an all-day pass for just $20.

Check out these upcoming Spotlight Conversations we’re thrilled to be working on:
Friday, Sept 25th at 6pm EST: “The Power To Say ‘Yes’, Women Leading Change”

Spotlight Conversation on fearless women who have been stepping into spaces that empower them to lead industry transformation. Join us for this portrait of a next chapter change agent, leaving their extraordinary imprint on how content is created and how deals get done.

Saturday, Sept 26th at 2pm EST: “Naughts & Crosses”
Spotlight Conversation on the provocative series that reimagines an alternate universe in which Africa colonized Europe.

Sunday, Sept 26th at 6pm EST: “The Forty-Year-Old-Version presented by Netflix”
Spotlight on the comedic New York tale of a playwright desperate to break through before 40. She reinvents herself as a rapper while searching for her true voice.

Treat yourself this weekend, and watch new films all day long.

x Team DGNL