What Creativity Means to Us at DGNL

Everything – every creative project, video, and design – has to start from somewhere. Even if that someplace feels like nothing.

Let’s take a detour into some light astrophysics for a moment – think about it, The Universe is infinite in both directions, which is mind-boggling. Just because we don’t know what’s in all of it yet doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Possibility too is infinite when you’re getting going on a new idea. Creativity is about confidently and playfully exploring in that limitless space.

If that sounds too metaphysical, check it – EVERYTHING we humans do is creative in some way. Here at Diagonal Media (DGNL) we make a lot of videos for our clients that have a formulaic structure, but even then, creativity has a role. It plays a role in solving real-life production challenges from lighting and camera angles to production design. That’s only one creative part of the job that gets the juices flowing.

Here’s how we work creatively along each step of the production process with our clients.


  1. ONBOARDING – This is the first step. Creating a new relationship and dynamic IS creativity in action. We want to get to know you! What is your mission?
  2. STRATEGIZE – Let’s figure it out together, how does content plug into your overall marketing goals?
  3. GET TO WORK – We put our hands in the clay and we have creative ideation sessions within our team and with YOU. We put our brains together to get diverse perspectives.
  4. SHARE – We share our first edit for you to review and give your notes.
  5. REVISE – We incorporate your feedback into the next edit.
  6. COMPLETE – The final video is on its way to you!
  7. RELEASE – It’s yours! Now’s the time for you to share your brand new creative offering with your company, stakeholders, clients, and customers.
  8. DEBRIEF – How did the video inspire/move/make an impact? We toast the start of a beautiful creative collaborative relationship.
  9. THE NEXT ONE – We begin the creative process all over again for your next project!

Once you begin creating, the possibilities are infinite. Inspiration leads to action leads to creation and when someone sees what you’ve made, we arrive back at inspiration.

As a creative agency, we thrive on that loop of creativity.

So, whatcha say – ready to create? What are you waiting for?

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x Team DGNL